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On The Threshold

A Harry Potter Roleplay

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A Harry Potter roleplay based off the characters sixth year at Hogwarts. With the rise of the Death Eaters consuming many nightmares, the recent news of Azkaban falling and the Dementors giving the Kiss to any they chose including Dark Wizards, there seems no other solution than to open the Dungeons and reign in the followers of Lord Voldemort who has yet to make his known to many. There are some students, though, who have gained his attention as he prepares to begin a new generation of followers to serve him in his rising to power.

Inside the walls of Hogwarts, in spite of one Dementor attack during a formal Harvest Ball held to lift spirits, most students strive to continue their lives with worries of which classes they will be assigned and anticipation of Quidditch matches starting up again. Who will take the cup this year? Which class will be the roughest?

All save a few who find themselves knowing that something is out there and is coming. This was not the first attack and it would not be the last. The blanket of Aurors sent by the Ministry doing little to calm their nerves and set them to rest. So far, they have not threatened to close the school. Others would like nothing more than that while some plan to fight to the end to keep Hogwarts open to those who come here. Their dreams darken each night. Leaving them to wonder what is in store for them?

Slytherins live in the shadow of Voldemort more now than ever before. Under constant suspicion they battle to keep themselves in the light and not let their house tumble into the darkness that the others forsee swallowing them. Not to mention that house members have gone missing, only to return nights later unwilling to speak of anything that happened. This dark secret under lock and key of the Prefect Draco Malfoy.

Gryffindor's golden boy Harry Potter after the trial ad event of his fifth year has been more distant than ever. The house is looked to be the savior. Can they carry the burden with their deepest hopes bordered with caution and concern that the one they rely on most may be hiding his true thoughts? Still, Gryffindor strives to be the heros. At whatever cost.

The students of Hufflepuff house are normally happy to let the other houses deal with their own business. That was until they suffered one of their own receiving the Dark Kiss in the attack of the Dementors after Cedric Diggory's death last year. Once the quiet ones, they have begun to suspect that they will be a heavy target having more muggle-borns than any house.

Ravenclaw holds the mystery. Are they the wild card? What secrets have they buried? Do they hold more spies than the house Slytherin? Or will they be the ones who end up saving them all?

Underneath all that, recent rumors that the founders keep a watchful eye on the school have begun to spread. Some students claim that they have started haunt the halls. Others say Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff and Salazar Slytherin never left. That they are waiting to make themselves known.

What role will all of this play in the last, darkest battle of the Wizarding World?

Join and find out.

On The Threshold is a closed community. In order to join, please send an application (listed below the Rules section) to one of the following moderators or IM us if you see us on.:

AIM: GryffindrSeeker

AIM: SerpentinSilver

AIM: Koyuuno


- We are looking for dedicated people only. We don't care how many groups you belong to, but please do not join if you are spread too thin. It holds up storylines for other people and it is not fair to those who can dedicate enough attention to the game.
- At least one post a week. It is not much to do this, if you have trouble participating this much then you are into the catagory above and should devote your time to the other games you belong in. If you are away from the chance to be online, just drop us an email or post in the community. That isn't a problem.
- Leave your Snape/Draco, Harry/Sirius -- you get the hint -- thoughts at the door. Where that is fine in slash and other places, we would like to keep the spirit of Hogwarts alive in this game. Teachers would not be sleeping with students and those students who would never really (in spite of all the fantasies that run through the minds of people) be getting it on with one another fit better in other places on the net. We love slash, but are trying to keep relationships within reason here. Well thought out, well plotted storylines are fine. But worst enemies would not become lovers because they spent two hours stuck trapped in a dungeon. If you have any issues with this, we are not saying give up and run away now. Contact us and tell us your idea. We're really not that bad. This rule is bendable to an extent.
- We play in AIM Chat/IM/Journal Entries. All the people involved are welcome to start chats or IM up other members and play. This is what we are here for and it is encouraged.
- Livejournals are mandatory. If you do not have one or need a code, contact one of the moderators and we can help you. However, we will expect the code to be returned after the one week waiting period is finished and you can generate a new code. We're doing this to pull together a good group of people and have a sense of community here. Please, don't break this trust. It's just not good karma. None of us need bad joujou.
- Dark themes will be explored here within reason. If you get too uncomfortable, please talk to one of the moderators or send us a private email. Mature themes will take place and this is your warning.
- If you have time and would like to play more than one character, you are welcome to do so. This can be further discussed for those of you interested as your participation becomes solid.
- Above all. Have fun. We are open to beginners and seasoned roleplayers equally. Don't feel intimidated, we're really laid back sorts of people and are always willing to help you along. We just need to post these rules because we have seem some pretty wicked stuff out there and do not want this place to evolve into what the others have become. We are all here because we love the books, now let's go journey into them and see how the stories go when we are behind creating them. Welcome!

Quidditch Teams:

All of the teams have positions open for canon characters who would fit and your own characters you've created. Check what is taken below and if you'd like to play a character on the team, write it into your history.

Captain and Chaser- Griffen Govannen
Keeper- Ron Weasley
Seeker- Harry Potter
Beater- Ginny Weasley
Beater- Brian Thompson(character/position open)
Chaser- Seamus Finnagin
Chaser- Natalie McDonald(character/position open)

Captain and Keeper- Billy Brock(character/position open)
Chaser- Honoria Hobbe
Chaser- Eleanor Branstone(character/position open)
Chaser- Kelly O'Connor
Beater- Owen Cauldwell(character/position open)
Beater- Sarah Fawcett
Seeker- Erixon Gallaway

Seeker and Captain- Cho Chang
Keeper- Terry Boot
Chaser- Orla Quirke(character/position open)
Chaser- Stewart Ackerly(character/position open)
Chaser- Kevin Scott(character/position open)
Beater- Stephen Cornfoot(character/position open)
Beater- Kevin Entwhistle

Seeker and Captain- Draco Malfoy
Chaser- Chester Warrington
Chaser- Stark Sancto
Chaser- Pansy Parkinson
Beater- Barty Bole(character/position open)
Beater- Millicent Bulstrode (character/position open)
Keeper- Alvin Bletchey(character/position open)


Name Of Character:
Name Of Player:
Sample Journal Entry:
Sample Roleplay Entry: (It is your first day back (or to) Hogwarts. The sorting ceremony is about to begin. As the doors open to let the First Years in, you . . . .)

OOC Harry Potter Community:

We'd like to thank the currest community for helping us promote On The Threshold. Please, visit them. Especially those of Gryffindor persuasion.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to speaking with you.