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The Aftermath - The Unofficial Version

The mods will be posting private RPs and other updates to inform you all on what has happened, but here is a little bit information that will help get you started on the Aftermath.

Logs - Battle of Hogwarts: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Partial List of the Deceased

Note: This is only a partial list of the dead. There are rumors that there will be even more deaths, and there are some yet to be revealed.

Hannah Abbot
Gillian Ashford - im_in_slytherin
Miles Bletchley
Lavender Brown
Cho Chang - chochangli
Seneca Coulmier
Dennis Creevey
Davidson Montague - d_montague
Kevin Entwhistle - kevin_e
Serafina Snape - serafinasnape
the LeStranges
Peter Pettigrew
Madame Pince
James Potter
Professor Vector
Chester Warrington
Fred Weasley
Zabini Sr

Other Random Information
-- Gryffindor Tower is now destroyed and needs to be rebuilt. [Yea yea. Pooh pooh for the Gryffs.]
-- Snape will be old and greasy again.
-- There will be a normal Quidditch season seventh year.
-- Snape's Patronus is a bat. [He's gone batty! Must .. not .. laugh .. but it's been foreshadowed quite a while back.]
-- McGonagall's Patronus is a lynx.
-- James is dead. Remus is alive. What is going on? You'll just have to start in the archives .. XD

Anything else can be left in the comments here.
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